IDX Announces Electronic Trading Platform for Securitized Products


NEW YORK, IDX Markets, LLC (“IDX”) today announced the IDX Platform, the first electronic trading platform for fully integrated trading and market intelligence for securitized products. IDX is a registered broker-dealer and a regulated Alternative Trading System, with its flagship platform powered by next-gen technology developed in partnership with Kanerai, a leading, global provider of securitized products analytics and technology. Tradeable asset classes include global collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) at launch.

Enhancing market liquidity, efficiency, and transparency, the IDX Platform represents an additional channel of liquidity that complements the existing securitized trading ecosystem, powered by the network effect of leading buyside and dealer institutions.

Setting a new market standard for trading innovation and connectivity in CLOs, the IDX Platform will serve as the central hub through which its users can access and interact with all corners of the CLO secondary market. It further supplements traditional trading channels with new innovative protocols that allow users to seamlessly access liquidity, assess market interest, and ramp and rebalance portfolios. The IDX Platform provides a curated and comprehensive snapshot of the market, simplifies trading workflows, and facilitates centralized record-keeping for trade history and data, obviating the need for multiple platforms.

Developed collaboratively with feedback from members of the buyside and dealer communities, the IDX Platform not only builds upon existing market protocols but has been augmented to encourage behavioral changes that build trust between counterparties and ultimately improve speed and increase execution probability. Users remain in control of how, when and with whom to trade.

We look forward to working with our subscribers and partners to move securitized product trading forward. For more information, please email or visit

About IDX Markets, LLC

IDX is a registered broker-dealer and a regulated Alternative Trading System whose mission is to enhance the trading experience, increase market liquidity, and reduce frictions for all securitized market participants. IDX is opening its electronic marketplace for trading global CLOs at launch, with other securitized markets to follow.